Monday, January 29, 2007

The Wrath of Spocko!

Forget the "Wrath of Khan".

Spocko's back, baby! Woo Haaaaaaaaaaa!!

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Get Well Wishes

I honestly had no clue about this.

Liberal Texas columnist Molly Ivins has been hospitalized in her ongoing battle with breast cancer, her assistant said Friday.
Be strong and get well soon, Ms. Ivins. We need you now more than ever.

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That's Some Mighty Powerful Stupid

Seriously, wow.

How can anyone be so fucking stupid clueless?

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh Yeah

I want this fuckin' shirt. I would wear it while shopping just to piss people off. :)

Um, Creepy Much?

Is it just me, or does this guy just seem like a snake oil salesman?

Oh, and you're gonna love the list of
naughty bands.

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This Is Some Scary Shit

You have to watch this video. It is disturbing. Truly disturbing.

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The Bitch is Back! (Redux)

Been meaning to blog about this, but thanks to a ten ton sack of bullshit, I haven't had the chance. 'Til now. Enjoy.

Does this dumb twit even know how to STFU?!

I mean, seriously. You lost. Fucking deal with it.

A Loganville mother who claims Harry Potter books promote wickedness and witchcraft said she will appeal the state's decision to allow the best-selling books to remain in Gwinnett school libraries.

Laura Mallory, who has three children in elementary school, said Wednesday she has requested an appeal of her case to Gwinnett Superior Court.

Mallory has said the books should be removed from all Gwinnett County public schools.

County school board members said the books are tools to encourage children to read and to spark creativity and imagination. In May, the county decided to deny Mallory's request.

The state board did not consider the merits of the books in making its decision. Instead, board members were asked to determine whether Gwinnett had properly handled Mallory's complaint. Without discussion, objection or comment, the members upheld the school system's procedure — much to Mallory's chagrin.

"I really feel like they haven't addressed all the issues that I've raised," Mallory said after the state board decision in December.

Mallory said Wednesday she's ready for a legal fight. She said she's contacted a potential expert witness to lend support to her case. And she said supporters who urged her to press on have sent her "significant donations" to help pay legal fees.

I have but one thing to say to all this:

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(Insert Scream Here)

I've had it with this month. It needs to end. NOW.

Seriously, anymore stupidity that happens this month, and I'm gonna go postal. This is not a joke.

First, we lost our LCD monitor. The backlight burned out. This lovely little incident left us without any real net access for a good long while. We're now using a CRT monitor, but it feels like a huge step down. We'd love to get the LCD monitor fixed, but I'm betting that ten to one there will be no user serviceable parts inside. And trying to get it fixed will probably cost more than a new one.

Then, I caught the stomach bug from hell, and passed it to Prime. It hit him worse than it hit me. He's just now gotten over it.

Because we both felt like shit for at least two weeks, Prime and I were sniping at each other constantly. It was as though we were both ready to start a fight about something. anything, to get our minds off of feeling so lousy. All this did was lead to hurt feelings. (Sorry about all that bullshit, Prime. You forgive me?)

The fucking monster cold that I caught in December is still clinging on; I still have coughing fits from this bullshit. They mostly occur at night, just before bed. And I am dead sick of swallowing cold medication just to get a decent night's sleep.

My transfer went through in October, which is great, but the manager I am under has been in the world's pissiest mood lately; he's been threatening people with termination for nothing more than cracking jokes. I am now walking on eggshells, trying to stay the hell out of his way. And I am forced to wonder if this really was such a great idea.

Now our vacation plans are in jeopardy. We may have to cancel our reservation with our hotel of first choice because we've been screwed out of the special rate for one night. We may have to jump ship to a secondary hotel, which I don't really want to do. (All the good shit happens at the primary hotel.) But we gotta do what we gotta do, like it or not. I am still extremely pissed off about all of this, though.

Great start to 2007, no?

Fuck this month. Let's head straight to February and beyond, starting NOW.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Fear It!

There's been an update on TFW2005, dealing with upcoming TF movie merchadise. You can find the complete list here, but for your convience I'll just post it here.

TRU Canada Listings for TF Movie Merch

as listed by Protoform X of the
2005 boards

Cyber Stompin Robot Asst. Sku 470767 $29.99
Transtech Roleplay Asst. Sku 4707329 $19.99
TF Movie Unleashed Asst. Sku 470988 $29.99
Ultimate Bumblebee Sku 470686 $129.99
Unicron Moive Statue Sku 468363 $179.99
Movie Helmet Roleplay Asst. Sku 470791 $39.99
Prime Arm Blaster Sku 470848 $39.99
Articulated Keychain Asst. Sku 453536 $4.99
Cyber Slammers Asst. Sku 470821 $12.99
Fast Action Battlers Asst. Sku 471003 $14.99
Movie Action Figures Asst. Sku 470392 $14.99 <-----i think this is the Human Characters

movie DLX Asst. Sku 470708 $14.99
Movie Leader Asst. Sku 471046 $69.99
Movie Legends Asst. Sku 470961 $5.99
Movie Plush Asst. Sku 470864 $14.99
Movie Robot Heroes Asst. Sku 470902 $7.99
Movie Voyager Asst. Sku 470716 $29.99
Real Gear Robots Asst. Sku 470651 $9.99 <-----the roleplay bots we've been seeing?
Starscream Blaster Sku 470856 $39.99
Undercover Boxset Asst Sku 453447 $24.99
Opimus Prime Mini Head Sku 467839 $39.99

All I can say is: ULTIMATE BUMBLEBEE!! FEAR IT, BEEE-YOTCH!!! WOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (Prime's gonna hate me; I'll want at least three!)

--Weasel, excited nerd-bot unable to wait for 7-4-2007


He's got a gun!

For the love of God, people, STAY INDOORS!! And wear your kevlar facemasks!!

--Weasel, "Cheney's got a gun.... AGAIN!"

One gunned salute to

EDIT 6:12pm CST: Found this little YouTube vid, thought y'all might like it.

In other news: Cheney misses the quail, bags the Hubble instead.

Fuck Disney

Seriously, Disney can go fuck themselves.

I wish I could tell you that I won't be bringing anymore of Disney's tripe into my house, but I cannot. The sorry ratfuckers have me by the short curlies: they have the exclusive rights to Hayao Miyazaki's masterpieces here in the states. I'm pretty much forced to pay that grinning pile of rodent feces blood money.


I can only hope that the money I pay lines the pockets of Miyazaki-san, who is a true genius, and not the hack who greenlighted the 37th Beauty and the Beast straight to DVD release. =/

--Weasel, "One can hope."

One gunned salutes to Jesus General and Firedoglake.

PS: If you have no idea who Miyazaki is, please take the time to find out. And for goodness sakes, check out his animated masterpieces. They put our current animated tripe to shame. Trust me on this. You won't be sorry.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh Holy Fuck

It seems someone brought a cell phone to Saddam's execution.

Worse yet,
the video footage is now on the net. Be warned, it's said to be graphic. (I myself refuse to watch it.)

This makes the
Saddam hangman look tasteful.

A huge one gunned salute for
AmericaBlog for the info.

--Weasel, "How in the hell was this allowed to happen?!"