Friday, January 30, 2009

How To Win Friends and Influence People... Or Not

Got a bit of a headache going right now; it wasn't the greatest day at work. One of the heads has been on the rag and that's putting it mildly. Cathy's been snapping at almost everybody lately and usually for very minor things.

She's been doing it more and more often, almost always when Tom is at the front end. We're thinking she's doing this slag to try and impress Tom.

Rumor has it that Cathy is working this position to gain management experience. If she's planning on taking a managerial position somewhere, I weep for her employees. She doesn't have the temperament to be a manager at all.

These past few weeks have more than proved it.

--Weasel, "I don't think I can take much more of this horseshit. I'm losing my mind as it is."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Update

Was feeling better, now feel like slag. And now Prime has it.
More details later; I'm going to crash out. Again.

--Weasel, "Maybe I'll be over this shit by May. I can only hope."

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Alive

More or less.

I've had the cold from hell for the past freakin' week; it started up last Sunday and hasn't let go. I had to call in to work last Tuesday because I felt so damn bad. It isn't just the usual chest/head congestion either: I've had the worst sore throat of my life, which has hung on for the past week. Eating has been almost impossible and talking hasn't been fun to say the least. The only thing that's been keeping me together has been liberal doses of Tylenol cold medication and sleeping in on my days off. (I'm dead sick of sleeping until dark!) So yeah, I haven't been on the 'net worth a damn.

I'm feeling a bit better now so I'm hoping the worst of it is over. I figure if I deal with this shit now, I won't have to deal with it later in the year..... like oh say, around BotCon.

--Weasel, "Pass the Tylenol, dammit. Seems I need another hit."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Merry Christmas

And a happy go to hell.

We're clearing out all of our Cashmas crap, so people are snapping the slag up like there's no tomorrow. And I've been dealing with the usual after season sale bullshit-- wrong prices, missing UPCs, cranky idiots, you name it. But nothing could top the bullshit I dealt with today.

The woman wanted to buy two pre-lit Cashmas trees; one was already in her cart while the other was still in Lawn and Garden. She wanted someone to bring it up. "It's a white tree," she insisted. So I called back to Lawn and Garden, asking them to find a white tree.

They couldn't find it. There were no white trees back there.

When we told her, she replied, "Oh the tree is green, but the lights are white."

It was all I could do not to go House on her. Seriously.
We've had fake Cashmas trees in more colors I could count: Red, blue, black, purple, pink, green and yes, even white. And we're not talking light bulbs, we're talking foliage.

See the problem here?

I would scream, but I'm not too keen on pissing off my throat.

--Weasel, "Is it May yet?"

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Like It Can't Get Any Damn Stupider....

I didn't think much of what I saw; one of the heads was wiping down our dry erase board at the podium just as I arrived. It wasn't until later that things got serious. It seems the note on the board read that all cashiers were required to smile. If we didn't we could get coached. Or worse.

We could get fired. For not smiling on the job.

It was either someone's idea of a joke or they were deadly serious about it. And I'm thinking it wasn't a joke.

The news spread like wildfire. No one was happy. Which is probably why the damn thing was erased.

This whole thing leads me to ask: Could management get fired for being stupid as fuck? Cause they seriously need it.

--Weasel, "And I was hoping to use my 'psycho' smile..."

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hotel Hopping, Mark Two

So Fun Pub announced the hotel details for BotCon on New Year's Eve.

The Wednesday through Monday block filled within two hours. We're looking at doing the hotel shuffle. Again. It's shades of 2007.

Small price to pay. Whatever it takes to get to the 'Con, I'll do it.

--Weasel "Now the wait until May.... that'll be a pain in the ass."