Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Weasel's Housewarming Gift List

Just for the hell of it, here's a list of things I'd like to get for the new house:
  • A stepstool (cause I'm short!)
  • Bookshelves, bookshelves, bookshelves
  • Lamps
  • Storage containers
  • A new shower caddy (the old one is rusting out)
  • A message center with mail holder and a key caddy
  • A calendar message board
  • A spoon rest (so the stove top can stay clean)
  • A kitchen tool caddy
  • A laundry caddy
  • A decent hamper
  • A laundry basket (the old one is falling apart)
  • and finally three large garbage cans (two for recycling, one for trash).

This is in no way complete. I'll probably think up a few more lists in the meantime.

--one excited Weasel

Monday, January 30, 2006

Busy, Busy

Had the day off; Prime did as well. Been doing some cleaning today, while Prime's been packing away some of our collection. He's wondering if we'll be ready in time. I'm pretty damn sure we'll be fine.

We've already let the landlord know that we're leaving at the end of the month; Prime sent a written notice and I called him not 15 minutes ago. I hope he's not too pissed about us leaving. He didn't sound upset over the phone, but we'll be leaving another vacant apartment that he'll have to find a way to fill. I almost feel as if I'm letting the poor guy down, in some strange way.

I'm a little surprised to find that I'm a bit sad at the prospect of leaving this place. We've been here for about five years. No, that isn't terribly long (I spent 18 years total on that little piece of property in NC), but it's long enough to make the place feel kinda like home. Yet I'm excited as well. We'll be moving into a place that will be truly ours. We'll have an entire room for our collection. I'll have a room for my own personal use. (Finally, a room for magick and worship! Hee!) We'll have a nice living room.... and a nice kitchen/dining area! We'll be near the waterfront! (Within walking or biking distance, but not so close as to end up in our living room.) We'll be close to a library! And a pool! It's so exciting that I can hardly wait!

In other news, Brad Pitt really is a bit of a shallow SOB, Exxon is getting richer (who knew?), and finally Alito won the cloture vote.

--Weasel, "So much packing to do, so little time.... I guess...."

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Twists and Turns

It's starting to really hit me: I'm buying a freaking house! Prime and I saw someone about a home loan on Friday; I swear to Gods I have never signed and dated so many forms in my life. No one has tried to contact us since then, which is a good thing. It means things are going smoothly. If someone did try to contact us, it would be because there's some sort of problem. So as of this moment, so far, so good. On the work front however, things are getting pretty interesting.

It seems I'm not the only one who has a problem with the Sow. One of the other cashiers, "T", is pregnant (not sure when she's due). T mentioned to one of the other cashiers that she hoped she wouldn't gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy. T said if she got as big as the Sow, she would "kill herself". What T didn't know is she was talking to one of the Sow's many friends, or Piglets as I call them. The Piglet made a full report to the Sow and it seems T got into a shitload of trouble over her comments, as in she got some sort of management coaching. But that's not the half of it.

Apparently, a group of cashiers was sitting at one of the tables in the breakroom. Someone piped up that they thought the Sow was a bitch. A couple of people agreed. The entire group (we're talking anywhere from five to seven people) was hauled into Ad office and given a stern warning. It appears a Piglet over-heard the conversation and tattled to our favorite female porcine. Yep, she's got little piggy ears all over the store.

This is why I no longer sit in the breakroom proper; I opt to eat my lunch in the old smoking lounge. Very few people sit there, so there's little to no chance of getting caught up in someone else's bullshit. Trust me, I know first hand just how bad the bullshit can be in the employee breakroom. However, I may have a way out.

One of our former associates who transferred to another store came by on Saturday. "S" is now working in fabrics and crafts. The store she transferred to happens to be in the same city as the new house. According to S, they are hurting for cashiers. She said I could do a lateral transfer and keep my current pay, but also get the hours that I want.

It's very tempting.

There is only one thing that is holding me back: we haven't closed on the house yet. The very second that ink is on the paper, though.....

--Weasel, trying to get out from under the Sow's little hooves.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Zero Hour

...is just a few hours away. 3:30pm. Surprisingly, I'm not all that nervous... yet.

In today's news: Chili finger redux! Seems a family says that their KFC was crawling with roaches. They want justice.... which will cost KFC anywhere from five thousand to one million dollars. I call 'bullshit' on this one.

Oh and Tom Cruise is a douche. I mean seriously, he is a fucking douche. Looks like someone forgot their "vitamins" today. Or maybe Tommy boy needs to get some exercise to help take care of his head problems. Douche.

--Weasel, praying for the best today

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Prime and I will be going for a home loan/mortgage this Friday at 3:30pm.

More news as this story develops.

--one nervous Weasel

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Only Constant

Change is the only constant, in life and in the universe. And in the last 24 hours, my life has changed...dramatically.

Prime and I just signed the paperwork to purchase a house, namely the one his mother has been trying to sell for the past few months.

We're going to close on the 28th of February.

I'm excited. I'm terrified.

I'm overjoyed. I'm overwhelmed.

I'm ecstatic. I'm petrified.

I can't wait to move in, to start decorating, to actually be a homeowner. It's the bills that could stand to wait. Ugh, and the moving....!

But, a house. A home. My home. Our home. Prime and me, buying a home, together.

It's so just overwhelming. And exciting.

--Weasel, still in shock

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Long Time, No Update

Time for me to fix that.

Well, I finally "officially" beat Pokemon XD; Lugia has been purified. I'm (im)patiently waiting for the other Shadows to clear out their Heart Gauges in the Purify Chamber. The only things I really need to do are finish the Mountain Battle challenges, hit Orre Colosseum, trade with Duking, and complete the Lucky Egg quest. Afterwards, I'll do some trading to Ruby, LeafGreen and Emerald, then start a new quest or two or twelve. (I'm hoping to get at least one female Eevee as a starter, that way I can finally get a female Espeon.)

The hellhole known as my job has steadily gotten worse; my schedule is even worse now than it was before. If I'm extremely lucky, I'll get a couple of day shifts during the week and two days off in a row. But that doesn't happen very often. The general rule now is afternoon and evening shifts, with two nonconsecutive days off. It's tiring, to say the least.

We've had another firing on the front end; cashier "D" was terminated. There are two different theories circulating as to why: one says she did not card an underage tobacco customer during a sting operation, the other claims that her drawer was off by over a hundred dollars. As to which is true, I have no blasted idea. All I know is she's been termed. And I have no idea who might be next on the store manager's list.

--Weasel, showing the world how (non) eventful her life is

Sunday, January 08, 2006


We got some sunlight today! Sure it was only twenty minutes worth, but holy shit! SUNLIGHT! Honest to fucking God sunlight! I'm so happy I could pee my pants!

--Weasel, who almost forgot what the sun actually looked like.

Friday, January 06, 2006

You Might Be a Former Jehovah's Witness If...

The inspiration for this post comes from a very similar list that I found online. Since it looked very cathartic, I decided to write on of my own.

You Might Be a Former Jehovah's Witness If...

* you've ever felt guilty giving to a charity.
* you had to throw out your wind-chimes. (Too Pagan!)
* you felt guilty voting in a high school election.
* you have to fight the urge to tell your church-going friends that Jesus was not crucified on a cross, but on an upright stake.
* you can easily remember your first birthday party, Easter egg hunt and Christmas.... because you were 24 years old when they took place.
* you refused to put on any makeup at all for fear you'd look like that awful picture of Jezebel in your copy of My Book of Bible Stories.
* you had to give up on your dream of becoming a police officer.
* you would rather have had terminal cancer than be gay.
* you would rather be dead than disfellowshipped.
* you had to stop speaking to your best friend for a year because they had been disfellowshipped.
* you felt guilty for taking Drama in high school.
* you were told by your mother that some of the Saturday morning cartoons you were watching could be considered Satanic. (Yeah, I'm really gonna sell my soul to Satan because I watched The Real Ghostbusters!)
* you knew 1914 was a turning point in history, but you didn't know why.
* you knew 1914 was a turning point in history and got irritated when your school history book never mentioned it.
* you remember the first Mother's Day or Father's Day card you made for your parents.... because you were a freshman in college when you made it.
* you were ever dragged to the back of the Kingdom Hall and spanked because you misbehaved during services.
* you were spanked with a plastic paint stirrer for misbehaving during services.
* you were six months old when you were dragged to the back of the Kingdom Hall to be spanked with the plastic paint stirrer for misbehaving during services.
* you were the only person in your second grade class who would not recite the Pledge of Allegiance... and you had to repeatedly explain why.
* your house was the only one on your block not decorated for Christmas.
* you were the only kid on your block who never got Christmas presents, or had to send them back when you did.
* you spent many a fine summer day stuck in a stuffy car as your parents drove through town "witnessing".
* you felt jealous of the Elders' kids who got to go to Disney World, but your parents refused because such a thing would be "too worldly".
* you never went to a school dance.... and it wasn't because you couldn't find a date.
* you got damn sick of calling non-relatives "brother" or "sister".
* you felt guilty when you got accepted to a local college.
* you still think getting a blood transfusion is disgusting.
* you are mortally afraid of surgery because you don't want to bleed out on the operating table, but you're equally afraid of receiving someone else's blood to prevent that from happening.
* you wondered how Satan was controlling anyone through heavy metal music.
* to this day you still carry the guilt of playing Dungeons and Dragons with your friends.
* you felt positively spoiled when you went to your friends church. (Such pretty stained glass! Such comfy pews!)
* while at your friend's church, you saw that everyone could receive the "Lord's Supper".
* you still feel guilty for that one time trip to your friend's church.
* you couldn't see any of your old friends because they weren't Witnesses.
* the word "goat" has nothing to do with an animal.
* you know the meanings of the terms "new light", "Other Sheep", "Jonadab", "Anointed Remnant", "the faithful and discreet slave", and "Un-theocratic".
* your parents believed that "Santa" was just another spelling for "Satan".
* you can easily recite most of the Pagan origins to Christmas and Easter.
* hearing the phrase "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society" makes you want to run away screaming.
* you learned how to sleep with your eyes open so you wouldn't get spanked for "not listening" to the service.
* seeing the words "Kingdom" and "Hall" in the same sentence makes you cringe.
* you were terrified of even touching a boy's hand because it may lead you into lust and premarital sex.
* you can't help but see the irony in those thoughts; especially after learning about the child sex abuse that went on in other "upstanding" Witnesses' families.
* you don't know whether to laugh or cry while reading this list.
* you're pretty sure Jehovah will smite you for reading this list.

That's all I can think of for now. Don't be surprised if I revisit this at a later date.

--Weasel, who still has a problem with organized religion.... Gee, wonder why?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Wavebreaker's birthday was yesterday.
He would have turned 26.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Resolutions 2006

Although 2006 is officially two days old, I figured I'd take the time and post my resolutions for this year. Ya ready? Here goes!

This year I resolve to:

  • be a bigger pain in the ass to the stupid,
  • put up with less bullshit,
  • post more often,
  • read my email more often,
  • gradually switch my "Bumblebee Shrine" over to a Dan Gilvezan shrine,
  • buy the necessary toys to make that possible,
  • lay hands on a Bumblebee cel from either TF:TM or the original TF cartoon,
  • get some of my writing published (whether on the web or in print media),
  • stop being pushed around by management at work (especially the Sow),

and last but not least:

  • get a better fucking job and leave that hellhole behind!

I think that about covers everything, don't you?

--Weasel, hoping to make these a reality

Addendum: I have turned on the comments. I merely ask that you act (and post) intelligently. If you do not.... Well, weasels have some pretty sharp fangs.....