Monday, January 28, 2008

Worst. Quiz. Ever.

And here I thought I would end up as Lisa. Silly me. It seems to fit, though.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

(Insert Groan Here)

Been feeling like crap for the past week; damn stomach has been acting up like a bitch.

Good gods I am tired of this. I'm sick of repressing the urge to puke, sick of swallowing Pepto, sick of sleeping until 2:30 PM on my days off, sick of feeling sick.

Great fucking start to the new year, no?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Can't Tell if this is the Most Awesome Thing Ever or the Most Terrifying Thing Ever... either case, I want it.

Clover's coming.
That is awesome beyond words..... and I'll have nightmares about it for years.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Since 2008 is 24 Years too Late...

Wish I could say that this bullshit surprises me, but it doesn't.
Oh Lord, Fire Divine, have mercy...
So why does National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell hate America and its freedoms?

Link originally found here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

In Other News...

So the Packers won today.
That means our local news will be nothing but football for the next three weeks.


Well, I guess it beats election coverage.

--Weasel, just lookin' at the bright side.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So Much for CNN

If you can stomach Larry King, you can watch "Dr." McBitchypants Laura tonight.

I think I'll "rot" my brain with a few more showings of Transform and Roll Out. If I enjoyed self-flagellation, I'd buy myself a scourge..... and use the fucker.

--Weasel, "So is anyone gonna ask her how 'proud' she is of her kid? Just wonderin'."

Scratching Out a Trade

I admit it; I'm addicted to GTS.

I love hitting Jubilife City, hopping on the GTS, and seeing what Pokémon are up for trade. You can find some pretty decent trades there, with a little luck. Last night was no exception.

For reasons unknown, I was checking out the Charmander offerings. One in particular caught my eye: a level 1 shiny male, being offered for a level 9 and under female Milotic. My heart skipped three beats. I had just bred my female Milotic the day before and had two level 1 female Feebases. If I could hurry, I figured I might be able to make it.

I jumped off GTS and hit my PC. I grabbed the first female Feebas I saw, my level 1 Chihiro and quickly saved. I had a few Dry Poffins in my Poffin Case, so I tried to level up Chihiro's Beauty right then and there. It didn't work; I was a few Poffins short of a Milotic. I soft-reset and after letting the game reload, I hit Hearthome.

I ran to the Poffin house and began making Poffins. Prime was already trying to doze off for the night, so I'm surprised he didn't tell me to keep it down since making Poffins requires you to "stir" the batter using your stylus on the DS's touchscreen. I scratched out six more Poffins, fed my Feebas every Dry Poffin in my case, tossed her a Rare Candy and waited. She leveled up....
and evolved.

I raced back to Jubilife and got back on GTS. I started searching for any male Charmander level 9 and under. Within a few moments, I found him: the level 1 shiny Charmander.

My heart was pounding when I chose "Trade for this Pokémon?". My heart then promptly rose into my throat when I saw the "Checking GTS Status" message. I've been screwed over a few times during that status check; I've gotten an error message, then booted back to the reception counter. By the time I can get back on, the Pokémon I wanted was traded away. You have no idea how badly that pisses me off. I was fearing it might happen again.

It didn't. The trade went through.
I now have a shiny Charmander.

My only complaint is I can't nickname him, but that's a small nitpick. I can hardly wait to level him up; shiny Charizard looks totally awesome.

I am the world's dorkiest dork.

-Weasel, "Hey Nintendo? Have ya considered making another Pokémon Box game? I'm runnin' outta room here!"

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Son of the Revenge of the Creeping Crud from the Pits of Hell

Right now I'm watching the Transformers Animated: Transform and Roll Out movie special on the Kids on Demand channel. It's a nice diversion, all things considered.

That damn cold from hell is back. And I feel like total shit.

My eyes are feverish, my throat is sore, my ears keep trying to plug up and my body freaking aches. I've spent most of the day sleeping, thanks to a couple of doses of cherry NyQuil (I swear to Primus, that stuff is like trying to swallow gasoline!) but I'm already dead sick of sleeping.

Wonderful way to start a new year.