Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am on day number two of an eight day stretch. I don't know how long I'll be able to hold onto my sanity. So much stupid, so many cranky-ass little old ladies, so much bullshit. I really don't know if I can hold on until my next day off, let alone BotCon. Add on this little bit of news and you could say that yeah, I'm about ready to scream.

To paraphrase Ultra Magnus: I can't deal with this now.

--Weasel "Yeah, life sucks. What else is new?"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dairycon Update Part 2

When we last left off yesterday, it was almost time for the "Name that Transformer" contest. By the time I got back to the convention room, we were about five minutes from starting. "Name that Transformer" is a 20-questions-type game; we (the convention goers) have to ask the emcee yes-or-no questions in order to get clues. Guessing correctly won you a Dairycon program guide, which contained raffle tickets. Prime was on a tear yesterday and won three times. Pretty darned awesome. ("Fat lotta good it did", Prime sez.)

After that, we had the Jumpstarter Rally. Prime and I were in the same heat.... and I won! I went on to the semi-finals, but didn't make it to the finals. Oh well. Crow was the over-all winner after the most epic finals I've ever seen. (The final heat had to be run three times; the Jumpstarters kept leaping over the end of the table.)

After a short break and more wheeling & dealing, the "Assemble Your Own Transformer" event got under way. Only this year, instead of assembling a TF, the contestants had to identify parts. That was evil Fred, very, very evil! Prime didn't win; it went to Joe.

More wheeling. more dealing and even more fun ensued. Prime made a few more purchases and we managed to sell a few more things from our table. But Dairycon was beginning to wind down.

This year, we actually had an organiser's panel of sorts where questions were asked and sometimes answered. Afterwards, we had the annual spinning of the big wheel. Prime actually won an exclusive...cowbell. ("Shee-eeesh.") Not long after, the raffle and auction were held; we didn't win anything during the raffle and the auction, as usual, came down to Prime and Bill of JRS Toyworld, who brought it up to $285 for A.S.S.-09, ToiletBot, Pretender Motormaster, and various-and-sundry other items before Prime let his semblance of common sense take over (he could've gone higher, but had reasons beyond not wanting to spend that much). Maybe next year, if we're lucky. Bill and Prime both do it because they know a fair amount of money gets spent to put the event on every year, and not all of it gets made back. It's entertaining, too, to watch the back-and-forth bidding, and Prime knows it.

So eventually, the process of packing up began and then everybody who wished to do so headed out to the local Old Country Buffet for the annual "Eating by the Geeks". But something totally awesome happened to me and Prime as we were driving away from the hotel.

As we started down the street, I noticed a car that was trying to parallel park just a little bit down the street. As I looked at its back end, I couldn't help but think it looked weirdly familiar. Then we passed it. I nearly freaked out when I realised what it was.

A red Camaro. A red 2010 Camaro. As in, pretty damn close to movie Cliffjumper. Oh yeah, there was much freaking out. (Thank Primus it wasn't yellow.)

Prime circled the block for me and I was able to get a bit of video of it. (I'll try and post it later.) After that, we were on our way.

We ate, drank and were merry. I haven't had such a great time in weeks. Seriously, I really needed this. After a few hours, our party went about its separate ways. But I had a great time, a really great time. I can barely wait until next year.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dairycon Update

At the Ramada (again!) and enjoying Dairycon 2009.

We got here about 20 minutes later than we expected; seems we have a bit of a windshield issue that we're dealing with. Why does that sound oddly familiar? Thankfully, our table was set-up in advance, so no harm, no foul.

Already been doing some wheeling and dealing; we've sold a few of our BotCon exclusives and Prime's made a few purchases. But we missed out on a blue-eyed BW Cheetor so Prime's not real happy. (You see, I was hoping to use Alexa-One to post this but I'm kinda hiding out downstairs for a little bit. When Prime's upset, forget trying to cheer him up.) But I'm having fun right now, at least.

That's all for right now. If I'm lucky, I'll try and post another update later today. Right now, it's back to the 'Con!

(edit: Weasel = jerkmunkie) Signed, Prime. Nyah.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Live from Wisconsin!

It's Dairycon 2009!

I'm actually at the Ramada as I type this; they have a 24 hour business center with net access. Been having a pretty good time-- today was the tour, where we got to tour a classic car collector's garage. Man oh man, did he ever have some really nice cars. Saw a GTO that my dad would have flipped for and at least two Corvettes that one of my friends in NC would have salivated over. I've got some video of the place; I may try and post it later.

After our tour, we headed back to our meeting point (the Ramada) and the early dealer room set-up began. Prime and I pretty much have our tables set up for tomorrow, which takes a load off of our minds. Right now there's some gaming going on; since I suck so hard at games (video or otherwise), I decided to sneak out for a few minutes and make a quick post.

All in all, it's been pretty fun. I can hardly wait until tomorrow when the real fun begins.

--Weasel, "Must buy.... multiple Bumblebees..."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life is Awesome Again

(For once that title is not sarcastic, either.)

At around 11:35 am, the phone rang. I didn't think much of it, believing that it was probably Prime. But I checked the caller ID on the TV just to be certain.

It came up "Brian Savage".
I nearly broke a leg running upstairs.

It seems that someone had cancelled on the Thursday tour and a spot was open. Since I had been placed on a waiting list (that'll learn me not to do my registration forms late), they wanted to know if I was interested. I immediately said yes.

I'm going on a tour of Hollywood! Can this get any more awesome? (Only if I meet somebody mega-famous or get discovered!)

--Weasel, "Like that will ever happen."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time Off

It's a wonderful thing.
And Dairycon is coming up in a few days. Even more awesomeness. XD

Friday, April 17, 2009

"What Do You Want Me To Do About It?"

Since dinner is cooking, I decided to steal a few moments and make a quick post. I just had to.

Today, cashier Jenni told me about a little incident that happened last night. It seems a customer found a virtual shitload of stuff left behind in a cart. Everything was paid for; according to Jenni it was all in bags. So the customer told an associate from lawn and garden about it. Rather than taking the bags up to customer service, the associate simply said, "Just take it. You can have it." Jenni thought that maybe she should let a head or a member of management know about this, since the customer who originally forgot the items might come back for them. I told her that it was probably a very good idea.

About ten minutes later, Jenni told me that she let a head know about it. The head in question was Mary. Mary's reply to Jenni's story was simple: "What do you want me to do about it?"

Uh, how about your damn job? You know, like letting management know about this so they can talk to the moron in L&G so it won't happen again? You know, actually doing some fucking work for once in your pathetic life? But that would require you to actually get up off your lazy ass and do something, now wouldn't it?

I swear to Primus, I work with idiots. And they get fucking stupider each and every damn day.

--Weasel, "I'm so earning that vacation, really, I am...."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

(Insert Scream Here)

Honestly, I can only take so much stupid in just one week....

A few days ago I was on the GM self-checks: It was towards the end of my shift, so I was expecting my replacement to show up at any time. Or so I thought.

It took 10 minutes for him to finally show up. Seven of those minutes were spent looking for a damned head cashier. When I finally clocked out for the night, I was a grand total of 13 minutes over. It's not a helluva lot, but it's just enough overtime to get my ass in trouble.

And now we come to tonight. I was on the grocery self-checks tonight and yet again, it was only a few minutes towards the end of my shift. And yet again I was awaiting my replacement. And yet again, my replacement didn't come. Only this time, I actually asked a head if someone was going to come and take my place. According to Mary, someone was on the way and would be there soon.

"Soon" apparently meant ten minutes later. Again, I clocked out late.

This is bullshit. Serious bullshit. My job is at fucking risk every time the damn heads pull this idiocy. The one who loses in this equation is me, not them. I'm thinking that the next time this happens and I'm on self-check, I should just shut the fuckers down and walk the fuck away. I refuse to get fired because of someone else's incompetence.

As I've said many times before, I'm really earning this trip to BotCon.

--Weasel, "Is it May yet?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I'm still here; I've just been too blasted wiped to actually post.

It's mostly been work that's been wearing at me, but life in general hasn't helped either. Even the small things seem to irritate me. Prime's done shit that would normally tease a chuckle out of me and all I'll do is roll my eyes. (Sorry 'bout that, big guy.)

But I'm getting better. I'll get to that in a minute. First, I have to vent a little:

* The people who did data entry for my previous store were morons. 'Nuff said.

* We've had yet another spate of firings in the last couple of weeks. At least four people, and possibly more than that, were let go. I knew three of them, the fourth I'm not sure since I never got a name. The reasons vary, but the result is the exact same-- I'm paranoid as hell and trying not to say anything that may piss anyone off.

* The new front end manager is expecting us to "sell" customers on our store credit card. I refuse. Why? Way too damn many people have had their credit frozen. Why in the hell would they even want to try getting another credit card?! In this economy, I seriously doubt anyone would even want another piece of plastic.

* Whoever has been doing the schedule has been sucking a bit less, but they still suck. Although I've been getting two days off in a row more and more, my hours are all over the place. I'll work 8:30 to 5:30 one day and 11 to 8 the next. It's tiring, to say the least.

But things are getting better. We have DairyCon coming in a little over a week. We've also got a couple of nice tax returns coming which will help with BotCon. And of course, we have BotCon coming in May.

Things can only get better.