Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prime's Going to Kill Me...

...but I don't care.

Um, I need this like I need oxygen. Seriously, the awesome overwhelms. That Golurk, oh that Golurk... it's gorgeous! I must have it. :swoon:

Like I said, Prime's going to kill me. Why? Because I'll beg and plead until I get my hands on that bit of epicness. Oh well, sucks to be him, I guess.

--Weasel, "I told you Golurk was epic."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting For the End

Current music stuck in my head: Victini and the Black Hero:Zekrom OST Track #25-Golurk VS Reshiram Yes, it's epic because Golurk is epic. Just sayin'.

Well, it's almost over. Christmas is nearly here. Which means I can relax for a little while.... until the returns start.

This past Saturday, being the Saturday before Christmas, was insanely busy. As in, we were up to our necks in cranky customers. It wasn't fun, to say the least. How crabby were the customers? Oh, very. Apparently, we had someone decide that he couldn't reach the PIN pad on the debit card reader so he proceeded to beat the poor machine until it slumped over. "The wild Customer used Hammer Arm! It's stupid effective!"

Yeah, the pad wouldn't work properly after that. Gee, I wonder why?

Me, I spent most of my time on a register that had a nonfunctional stylus. No one could sign for their credit cards, so I had to print out slip after slip after slip. Now I wonder just how many trees I killed on that one day. It makes me feel a little guilty, I admit. Even worse? I told the CSM about it and she said she'd fix it. It never got fixed. So as far as I know register 16 still has a non-functioning stylus. Lovely.

Oh well, only a few more days and I'll be through all this. Until then, I have my copy of Pokemon Black (I'm trying to Masuda method myself a shiny Golett--wish me luck) and Pokemon Rumble Blast to help me keep my sanity. Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all, good freaking luck.

--Weasel, "Most wonderful time of the year my skidplate..."

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


WingTacker (thank Primus for the Multiforce; twelve W names with which I can run) has obviously been slacking off here. Understandable, I suppose; still filling notebooks with that horrendously illegible scrawl of hers (won't just buy the cheapest ones, either), spending moronic amounts of time looking for GTS Pokémon trades (it IS moronic when it's happening well after midnight and the alarm clock's gonna sound around 0700), mooning over the Brewers and the latest player to jump off the train (Jerry Hairston just signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers). Y'know. The usual.

Black Friday passed uneventfully for both of us. The 'open' times for stores poking into Thanksgiving late-night meant that all the nigh-solipsistic assholes, the nutbars who do all their holiday shopping then, and the people who were just looking for one or two deals and preferred not to risk missing out on 'em...they were pretty much all gone by 0300 Friday. WingTacker hadda be in at 0645. Fairly quiet shift. Me--I am a charter member of the third group listed above. No dues to pay this year, though--the entirety of Transformers offerings, this year, consisted of old stock, taped together and stickered with a fluorescent yellow SPECIAL VALUE starburst label. Shipped like that from Hasbro--I've seen the case boxes. Generally gotta put a little more effort into the repackaging to get me to bite.

So I stayed home and bought a Ninja. Hasn't arrived yet...

Took WingTacker to see Pokémon the Movie WHITE: VICTINI AND ZEKROM on Sunday. Limited engagements, bleh. Four whole theaters in Wisconsin showing it (once a day for two days), all in the Milwaukee area.

Whatever. I can drive that in my sleep BUT DIDN'T BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE IRRESPONSIBLE. Yomped around the area a little bit, afterward, hoping to find a Transformer that's been sighted in the state and is being snapped up about as quickly as its predecessor.

And BotCon just horked up the dates and location for the 2012 convention. Hopefully, Dallas in late April will be nothing like Dallas (Frisco, whatever, blah frickin' blah) in late September 2005. I'm missing DairyCon for the first time ever for this. Kinda sucks, but then, some of the behind-the-scenes drama is making me feel...somewhat less bad about it.