Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things I Learned at BotCon Part 1

-People in Texas have no clue how to drive.

-Cross country roadtrips are a lot of fun.

-No matter where you go, there you are. And so is the local Walmart.

-There is no sleeping during a convention. Eating is optional, too.

-Baseball players can be tempermental. Just ask the pipes that run near the dugout in the Rangers' ballpark.

-Cowby Stadium is freaking huge.

-The best way to make a new friend is to crack a joke.

-The best way to greet an old friend is with a hug.

-Manischewitz tastes a lot better than I remember. Also...

-I can't hold my alcohol well. Total lightweight over here!

-The book depository still exists and it has a museum. I didn't go in, as the entire building had an aura of heartbreak around it. I'm not kidding. I simply walked near that building and could feel an awful wave of sadness washing over me.

-Action Figure Therapy is completely screwed up yet utterly hilarious. You are warned: it's also very NSFW!

-By the time you have your route to and from the 'Con memorized, it's time to go back home.

-Garry Chalk has seen some of his former Stargate SG-1 castmates at conventions.

-David Kaye wished that the Brewers had gone farther in the series last year, as he hates the Cardinals. David Kaye is basically awesome.

-Peter Cullen has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve at BotCon.

-If you're not careful, sitting in on Mr. Cullen's panel can cause watering of the eyes. I teared up quite a few times; not a joke.

-Dan Gilvezan is quite the smart aleck. That is one of the many and sundry reasons that he is freaking amazingly awesome.

-Buster Jones is quite the snazzy dresser, not to mention a very sweet soul.

-When I'm hungry, I can pack away cheesecake like there's no tomorrow.

-I am a complete failure at building an action figure, but I love cleaning up the mess that's left behind. I am basically very odd.

-In the 80s, Dan Gilvezan used to buy Bumblebees and give them to kids. He now wishes he had kept at least one of them. I wish I had been one of those lucky kids getting a Bumblebee from Bumblebee...!

-Bingo is a lot of fun. More so than gambling.

-The best conversations happen in the Dealer Room or the Autograph Line.

-All a hotel really needs is a decent bed and wi-fi and I'm happy.

-The Convention is life. No exceptions.

-It's always over too soon.

-Next year can't come soon enough.

-Washing post-convention laundry is depressing.

-But packing for the next con is tons of fun.

And lastly,

-No matter what happens, I'll be there next year. Believe it.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Convention Laundry

Current song stuck in my head: I'll Be Over You by Toto

My last load of laundry is washing: it's a load of whites. Unlike last year, I'm actually doing the laundry well in advance. Once it's done, it'll be packed and will stay in the suitcase, ready for the next convention.

It's hard to believe that the convention is over. I'm heading back to work tomorrow, which will be a huge shock.

Getting back to the real world sucks. I hate it, honestly. But what keeps me going? The fact that next year, there will be another BotCon.

It's that fact that keeps me from losing what little sanity I have left, that keeps me going through the long dark winter days and helps me keep my temper when I'm dealing with the rude and irrational holiday shoppers every year in December. It may sound crazy, but BotCon is the tonic that soothes my nerves and gives me a chance to recharge. It'll be a long wait until next year's convention, but it'll be well worth it.

See you next year.