Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Photoblog: What I'm Thankful For Edition

Sign at BotCon 2007.
(Yeah, I'm always thankful for BotCon. And for the chance to hang out with my friends.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Photoblog: One Man's Trash Edition

Theater display at Hollywood Cinema for Transformers. From July 2, 2007.
(Prime and I put it together. Every piece is from our collection. Impressive, no?)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Insert Scream

As if dealing with cranky customers isn't bad enough...

The past few days have been pretty slagging busy and filled with enough bullshit to choke an elephant. But nothing can compare to what happened on Sunday.

Sunday I was on the grocery self checks, talking to the cashier on register 4. It seems our wonderful heads have a new trick up their sleeve. They're talking to cashiers, at least six a day, and telling them how they can improve their customer service skills. Among one of the points? You guessed it! Smile more!

Not only are they fucking spying on us, they're busting us for a bullshit reason. This is seriously getting out of hand.

Tell me again why I tolerate this shit? Oh yeah, I don't want to live in a cardboard box by the fucking river. But that's the only goddamn reason.

--Weasel, "Let's skip this horseshit and go straight to BotCon. Now."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Photoblog: Welcome Home Edition

Optimus Prime sign at BotCon 2007.
(Nothing says "Hello there" better than a sign sporting a giant robot who looks ready to smack you in the face. Ah, I love BotCon...)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Begins

We now have all of our Ca$hma$ crap set up, signs and all. Thankfully, we haven't been blaring any "holiday" music, which is nice. (The in-store ads on our TVs do from time to time, but it's bearable.) But the shopping has already begun. I've already sold more toys in the last week than I usually do during the year. Had a few $300+ orders, too.

At least the holiday doesn't completely suck; we have a few gift wrapping items that feature Bumblebee. I'm thinking of buying the store out of those.

--Weasel, "It'd be the only good thing to come this holiday. That and some Prozac."

Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Photoblog: Post-Season Blues Edition

Sign at Miller Park, from my very first Milwaukee Brewers game.
(Never thought I'd be a baseball fan and never thought I'd say I miss baseball season...)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dear Mattel,

You're the same toy company that has a huge problem with making any female action figures, yet you produce this?

Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken. Are you serious?!

I guess so. Wow.

But seriously, what the fuck? This looks like a freaking parody, not a legitimate collectible.

Maybe you guys should quit while you're ahead. Or take a cold shower. Or both. Me, I'm just gonna go slam my head against my brick fireplace until I pass out. Then maybe I'll think that this was just a bad dream.