Monday, February 26, 2007

Night of the Roses

For the past few months, so many I've lost count, I've been trying to breed for a shiny Roselia on my Pokémon Emerald game. I've doing this in the hopes of transferring said Roselia to Pokémon Pearl in order to get a shiny Roserade. I've been doing this for so long, that I was certain that I would never see any results at all. Every Roselia I hatched was plain vanilla normal.

Until this past Saturday night/Sunday morning.

After my shower this Saturday night, I decided to play a couple of rounds of Emerald. I'd hatch a couple of eggs, save up, then got to bed. You know, nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. If I had only known....

I hatched one Roselia egg. It was a male, normal color, with unspectacular stats. So, I released him and went back to hatching my other eggs.

At 12:43 am, Sunday February 25, it happened.

I hatched the second in my party. I wasn't expecting the sight that greeted me. It was a Roselia, as I had thought, but it was different.

Its green was brighter, more eye-catching. Instead of a blueish face, mine was sporting a shade of yellow. But it was the blooms that gave it away: I wasn't seeing red and blue flowers. I was staring at purple and black roses.

After all those months, my persistence had finally paid off. My brand new Roselia was shiny.

My hands shaking, I managed to give it a nickname: Blackthorn, since it's a male. Had it been female, it would have been BlackRose. After I finished typing in the name, I saved the game and did the only thing a level headed person would do: I screamed.

Prime, who was in the den, yelled "What's wrong?" I screamed back, "SHINY ROSELIA!" He tore up the stairs to get a look. I think he was a bit surprised, too. After so many months, it finally happened.

That was two days ago, and I'm still in a state of shock. Part of me simply cannot believe that I finally have that Roselia, that I'll be able to trade it over to Pearl in a few months and get a shiny Roserade. But I can turn on my Game Boy Advance SP and see it, sitting in my PC, waiting.

I'm a little disappointed that I'm no longer breeding for a shiny Roselia, but I have other projects now. I popped a female
Vulpix and a male Ninetails into daycare that night.

I'm hoping for a shiny Vulpix. Sumomo if female. Argent if male. Wish me luck.

--Weasel, "This shiny hunting thing has gotten under my skin. I'm startin' to like it."

Friday, February 23, 2007

Saying Good-bye

As I write this, I have the ending theme from Wolf's Rain, Gravity, running through my head. For some reason, I feel it fits. I don't know why.

And I'm doing everything in my power not to cry right now. But it's tough. It's really, really tough.

It's with a heavy heart that I type this news:
Walker Edmiston, the voice of Inferno from The Transformers, has died.

To say that I am saddened is putting it mildly. Transformers was a huge part of my life when I was a kid; it made a huge impact on me. I emulated many of the Autobots and idolized them as heroes. A lot of my morals and values came from that simple little cartoon show. And hearing the news that we've lost another member of the cast is quite a blow to me.

I never had a chance to meet Mr. Edmiston. He never made an appearance at a BotCon. I never had a chance to get a G1 Inferno toy autographed by him, never had the chance to hear him tell any tales of doing voiceover work with the rest of the Transformers cast, never had a chance to tell him how much I appreciated the work he did. And that hurts. It really hurts.

I'll never be able to tell him in person, so I'll try to say it here: Farewell, Mr. Edmiston. Thank you for the work you did as Inferno. I wish I could have had the chance to meet you, to tell you how much I enjoyed your work. I'll miss you.

Been a long road to follow
Been there and gone tomorrow
Without saying goodbye to yesterday
Are the memories I hold still valid?
Or have the tears deluded them?

Maybe this time tomorrow
the rain will cease to follow
and the mist will fade into one more today
Cause the road keeps on telling me to go on...
Something is pulling me.
I feel the gravity of it all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And John Edwards Took This Yutz Seriously......

We can't find fault with the Catholic Church, but what the hell, let's hear a good old fashioned gook joke.

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

Oh, and John-boy? Fuck you. I refuse to vote for your sorry ass. I don't give a damn that she offered her resignation, you didn't do or say much to actually help the sitch. So, take your "personally offended by previous writings" bullshit and cram it. I'm almost glad you didn't end up as VP, you nauseating douche.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go puke now.

Info from AMERICAblog. Rage from the Weasel.

I (Heart) Toyfare

Thanks to Toyfare we have a nice listing of new Pokémon names. There's also a shitload of Transformers Movie merchandise; TFW2005 has some updates.


Gods, I'm gonna be broke this summer.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm Speechless.... Shocked, Really

Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

I honestly don't know what to say about all this. Really. I'm not kidding.

--Weasel, picking her jaw up off of the floor